Bico Kondo

Lives and works in New York

Bico Kondo who is a self-taught artist was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan.
I started making jewelry with concept of wearable art in 2003.
Shortly after, I got an opportunity to exhibit jewelry at Galerie Paris in Yokohama. My interests were expanding to painting to express myself through painting presently.
The first solo exhibition was held at Gallery Jin, Yokohama in 2004.
Afterward I have been exhibiting new artworks continuously both painting and jewelry.

I created own painting style which is layered by using acrylic gesso to make unique surface, especially texture and color tone are featured in my works and attract the interest of people.

I believes the art is able to bring the people a lot of energy, joy, healing and etc...
therefore it should be more involved to their daily life in good way. I dare to not having only one theme and there is not even a title in my artworks because I want people to feel something at their heart directly without pre-information when they saw it. My artworks are always deeply linked with my life, experience, emotion. I am always looking for something new and pursuing my art to be able to touch people's heart.


2013 Voyaging 2013:into the depths of your heart GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2012 Voyaging GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2011 Secret of silence GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2010 Between the sun and stars HARBOUR’S MOON CAFÉ, Yokohama
2009 Colors of… Ouchi Gallery, New York/ZAIM, Yokohama
2008 Hodgepodge2 ZAIM, Yokohama
2007 Hodgepodge GALERIE JIN , Yokohama
2004 Guess What? GALERIE JIN , Yokohama


2016 Annual New Year Exhibition Vol.15 GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2015 Annual New Year Exhibition Vol.14 GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2014 ART for HEALTH -Silent Auction Art EXHIBIT-, New York
2014 Annual New Year Exhibition Vol.13 GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2013 Beppu Art Month platform02, Beppu
2013 Annual New Year Exhibition Vol.12 GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2012 39ART Nezumi-ko GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2001 a dog's breakfast the pink cow, Tokyo


2013 BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama


2014 Greenpoint Open Studios, New York
2013 BankART Studio NYK AIR Open Studio, Yokohama


2009 MUNEHIRO「Maternity March」CD
2009 Japanese Dinning BOZU, New York
2009 MeMe Antenna, New York
2005 The 21st Design Festa